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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Favorite jerseys for 2012

So pretty much all of 2012's jerseys can be seen on the MLS Gear website now.

Here are my favorites.


1. RSL of course.

Actually, I wouldn't have put RSL's up if I didn't like it but I think this is my favorite all time RSL uniform. Up to this point my favorite RSL uniform had been the 2005 away kit. I've always said that I never really liked any of the home uniforms RSL has ever had. That is until now, I love the different color sleaves.

2. Columbus' away.

I like how they are bringing back the yellow and black stripes on the upper half of the jersey. Really takes you back to 1996.

3. San Jose away.

I like how simple it is. Makes me think of a soccer kit from the 70's.

4. Los Angeles home.

I like that they are bringing back the sash, the white and blue looks classy too. It would look better though with more white and less little blue accents on the underarms etc.

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